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Lazy Weight Loss Tips #1

Here is the first of my simple and actually enjoyable tips that any chocoholic like me can do and lose some weight.

Ok, exercise is a dirty word in my house, so I don’t do any here – I go outside in the fresh air. Remember that? Its that clean stuff you breath from time to time that doesn’t smell of the burning electrical insides of a TV!

I have a secret weapon here that maybe you don’t have but you can get one too if you want, or try my alternative if you can’t. Want to know what my secret weapon is? I’ll tell you:

My dogs.

I have two little Yorkshire terriers (I bet you thought I was gonna say great big Dobermans!). These little guys still need to go for walkies even though they are so small and its surprising how much stamina they have for such small bundles of fur!

The trick to achieving weight loss by walking your dogs is not to have ten or even twenty minute walks around a few blocks. I found out some priceless information when I was last talking to my doctor (who is also a nutritionist) last month.

Well, when you are exercising (lifting the TV remote and channel hopping doesn’t count) most people believe our bodies burn off excess calories and lose weight. The harder they exercise, they believe the more weight they will lose.

Guess what?

Not necessarily! Our bodies actually work on time rather than level of strenuous-ness. Here is one of the most priceless weight loss tips you’ll ever get put in simple layman’s terms that I can understand too!

In the first 20 minutes of exercise that gets the heart rate moving enough so that we break out into a sweat, the body produces adrenelin and insulin to break down the excess sugar in our blood. That makes the body need more sugars in the blood to replace what is taken. but during that time the body does not break down any of the fat stored in the fat cells to replace it, so there is zero weight loss gained in the first 20 minutes of exercise.

In the next ten minutes of however, the body then starts to take some of the fat to break it down into the sugars the blood needs to feed the muscles, so in a 30 minute period of exercise, only the last 10 minutes is productive in creating any weight loss.

So when I’m walking my dogs up and down the hilly streets in my area, which is much better exercise than walking along the flat, and I’m out for an hour doing that, then I get 40 minutes worth of weight losing exercise and all I did was enjoy walking the dogs!

Better still is when I see these lunatic joggers go speeding past me then collapse in a heap after 20 minutes hard running, guess who burned off more fat?

Yep, me!

Well, ok, I don’t actually lose much weight doing that because I balance it out with a nice piece of chocolate cake when I get home, but at least it means I don’t put on any more weight. Very important, that!

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