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Weight Loss Facts

There are certain weight loss facts that cannot be ignored when you’re really serious about losing weight, whether it be just dropping a few pounds or a really big drop of several stones. These facts are pretty common sense and logical when you think about them, so it will be an easy thing to convey them here while stressing the importance of not just understanding them but also taking them on board as absolute truths that will only help you to achieve your goals.

The first of these facts is that no one on this earth can gain weight if they don’t eat and / or drink more in the way of calories than they can reasonably burn. No matter what people say to you, this is an absolute truth based in physical fact. You cannot create mass out of nothing so if you don’t consume more than your body uses, then you cannot gain any mass, in the case of human beings, that usually but not always equates to stored fat.

Now here’s another fact that you may or may not be aware of and its really important to get this across as it can have psychological effects on your efforts to lose weight. That is muscle tissue weighs more than fat. So when you are exercising regularly and building muscle tissue mass, which is normal and desirable, you will in the early stages gain some weight even though your store of fat is diminishing. This can be disheartening to slimmers who are not aware of this fact because they can see their bodies are starting to look better, more toned and less flabby but the scales are telling them that hey are not losing weight!

Well if you didn’t know that before, you sure do now!

So don’t always be so reliant on what the scales are telling you when you are exercising regularly. What is really happening here is that the weight is being redistributed from the disappearance of the stored fat to the muscle tissue that is helping your body to burn even more calories even more efficiently. You really want this to happen because it will mean a fitter, better looking body which is exactly what you are striving for.

You will begin to weigh less over time, but the most important part of this is that you will be able to fit into a smaller size of clothes thanks to the firming up and toning of your body, not the numbers of the scales!

Ok, they are two very useful and vital weight loss facts for you. I will post more in a future article, so come back again soon!

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