Lazy Weight Loss Tips #3

Now, if the first two were pretty useful to you, here is the third of my great lazy weight loss tips to complete the set:

Think Yourself Thin!

Yes, you can actually do that when you set your mind into the right way of thinking and then you really can think yourself thin!

The article that link above links to is a particularly good one and I don’t think its worth repeating the same stuff here, as I wrote it anyway! Its in another very special and very informative weight loss tips blog and you can read all about how to think yourself thin in that article!

But that would leave us without much to read here, so I’m going to give you some pointers on how to think yourself thin and lose weight by using the power of your mind to boost your motivation to succeed.

For starter, you should use visualization techniques which is really just a complicated way of saying to use your imagination to see yourself as the thin person that you want to be. Do this often and really get into it, so that you not only imagine what you’d look like as a thin person, but play a game with it and imagine dressing yourself in thin clothes. Imagine how you would put on each item of clothing and imagine you can feel the material touching your skin as you put on the garment.

Then imagine walking around in these thin clothes and imagine how light you feel as you walk around in them, taking light steps and feeling light and energetic. Imagine running around like a happy child and imagine you have so much energy to do that.

All this is just so great to do because its all in your imagination, so it can’t do you any harm whatsoever. The great thing is that the more you run through this simple visualization exercise, the better at it you’ll be until you get to the stage where you really can feel every item of clothing brisging against your skin as you put it on. And you really feel yourself running around with all that childhood energy!

And that’s about how its done. You’ll be amazed at how your weight starts to go down just by doing this every day for several minutes!

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