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Take a Walk on the Weight Loss Side

If you want to shed some of those excess pounds through a form of exercise but don’t want to join a gym (or you simply don’t have time to) and want to try something that is easy to do as well as being enjoyable, there is the perfect exercise for you. Have you ever considered walking to lose that excess fat?

Well, if you haven’t, then start considering it because it is a perfectly viable means of losing weight. You just need to know how to do it the right way.

Putting One Foot In Front of the Other

Walking is generally just a means to an end for most people. They amble along at a snail’s pace and eventually get to where they are going to without giving it a second thought.

But you can take that wasted effort that so many people are unaware of and turn it into a real fat burning, flab crunching exercise form that really works.

Go At It Like You Mean It

The trick is to alter the way in which you walk and set out to use this as an exercise and not just a stroll in the park. You need to walk faster than normal, for starters and you need to walk with the purpose of mind that will ensure that you are working your leg and torso muscles hard enough so that they will force up your heart rate and make you breathe heavier. Just like you were exercising, in fact!

Then you need to keep up that sustained pressure for more than twenty minutes. That’s because this is the time it takes for the muscles doing the work to start to deplete the blood sugars to the point where the body must replace them in order for those muscles to keep on working.

To do that, the body needs to rob its fat store to convert into usable sugars. That means getting to the point where your fat level starts to drop.

Sustained Effort Pays Off

The longer you can keep this up for, the more fat you will burn. Do this daily and in a few short weeks you will see your weight drop significantly, especially when you combine this with eating a more healthy diet and cutting out junk foods.

So that’s how you can take a walk and lose some weight for your trouble. Except it is not a trouble, but it can actually be an enjoyable experience as it gets you out of the house and into the fresh air, while you get to see more of your local neighborhood and get fit into the bargain!

Speeding Up Weight Loss

One of the things people who need to lose weight tend to gravitate to is those tips and advice articles that tell you ways of speeding up the process. This is all well and good if those methods are natural and involve the basics of eating a good diet combined with a lot of exercise, but many of them don’t do this and instead offer a bunch of hyped up pills or even surgery procedures as their offerings.

But the sensible person is bound to question these less than sensible methods especially when their own body mass reduction needs are not so great. The truth is that you can lose it fairly quickly, especially in the early stages if you have a lot of pounds to lose and you work with a strict diet and exercise regimen.

Calorie Restriction

In order to slim down faster, you need to restrict your daily intake of calories to less than the given natural level for the first week or so. Then you should gradually increase it to what a healthy diet should provide. At the same time, you need to exercise (getting back to walking again)!

However, it is no good starting an exercise program at full tilt if you are not used to doing any. This could cause serious damage to your muscles, connective tissues and joints or even worse, result in coronary problems especially if you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels.

You should consult with your doctor before starting any exercise program. If you get the all clear from your doctor, then you should still start slowly and gradually build up your exercises in length and level of strenuousness over time to give your body a chance to get used to it. It could save your life

If you can motivate yourself to be strict and stick to a good diet and exercise program and build it up as you go, then you will lose what you need to lose fairly rapidly while also building strength and stamina in your body. Your metabolism will increase to aid the burning off of the excess fat and you will end up with a healthy, fit and great looking body that you can keep for the long term if you keep up with your exercises and eat right!

It’s all a process that you do to maintain the level of fitness and a great look that you worked so hard to gain. Walking is a big part of that and doing it every day is really the way to make losing weight easier but just as effective.