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Nutrisystem Half Price Deal

Well, we’re back and we’re talking about Nutrisystem diets once again. This time, its about their current special offer of a whopping 50 percent off the price of your first moth of food.

It has been brought up to commemorate the introduction of their latest program: Turbo 10!

This is a promotion aimed at dieters new to this program who need a pretty convincing promise to get them motivated to succeed. Turbo 10 claims to help you to lose at least 10 pounds and 5 inches in your first month!

But how good is the regular offer, despite the promotional big talk?

Well, it’s good if you plan on dieting with one of their regular plans for two or more months. You sign up for auto delivery and you not only get the discount, you also get free shipping. Wait a minute, I hear you say. Don’t you get free shipping anyway? Well, their ads say you do, but you only get it if you sign up for auto delivery and you accept your second month of food. After that you can cancel and there is no problem.

Auto Delivery: Important!

But there is a problem if you only want to try the diet for a single month and no more.

The problem happens because Nutrisystem is a company that runs a business and that business has to turn a profit or they’d soon be going out of business! There is no way they could turn a profit if everyone signed up for just one month and got it at half the retail price and had free shipping thrown in for good measure.

Why is that, you might ask?

Because someone has to pay for that shipping. The truck delivery driver has to be paid, the truck has to use gas, the people who load the meals on the truck have to be paid. And then we get onto the part where the meals do actually cost something to get prepared, and processed.

Then someone has to be paid to package them all up. After all that, their customer support people also have to be paid for helping customers through the diet and help them with any problems. The people who run the company have to get paid. The company has to pay for advertising.

Making Sense of it All

So you see, by taking half the retail price away, you take most of the profit. Then expecting to get free shipping rips into the rest of the profit and turns it into a loss. There’s not much point in running a business at a loss.

So they need you to pay full price for a second month of the diet plan so they can be back in profit. Then everyone gets paid. That’s how it works.

So if you think you can just order one month of food for a half of the price and get it delivered for free, think again.

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