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The 20 Minute Weight Loss Trick

Here’s a really useful weight loss tip if many other things are failing for you and you need a clever technique that will work if you allow it to. This trick has nothing to do with snacking on high calorie rubbish in between meals, because if you’re really serious about losing weight, you’ll have given them up by now. Haven’t you?

This particular technique all comes down to the amount of food you eat at meal times and how to fool yourself into eating less. Not that you will be fooled into believing you are eating more than you really are. This works on a more subtle psychological level, which is why it works so well with so many people.

Here’s what you’ve been doing wrong:

When you prepare your meals, you naturally heap more food onto your plate than you actually need, but this has become a habit over a long time, so its one you are going to break. The other problem is that because you probably have also been conditioned to eat everything on your plate – and this will stem back to childhood – then you have been eating far too much but seeing it as “normal”.

Here’s how to fix it:

Next meal you make for yourself, instead of piling your usual helping of food onto the plate, just put a little over half. It may not look like much, but remember, you only think that because you’ve gotten used to seeing such a full plate. If the look of it places you into a state of mind that it really isn’t enough, then use a smaller plate!

Sit down with your meal and eat it – slowly! Don’t rush, don’t gobble it up, don’t try and force huge fork-fuls into your mouth. There are no prizes for finishing first and no one is going to steal it from you if you eat it slowly! So take your time, chew each smaller mouthful slowly and really take in the flavors in that mouthful!

When you’ve finished, clear your plate away and DO NOT go up for a second helping, even if you feel that you are not full. Here’s the trick:

Walk away from the meal for at least 20 minutes.

That’s it! 20 minutes away from the food is enough time for your digestive system to have gotten to work on the food and to work with what it has. Your appetite will have been satisfied in that time and 9 times out of 10, you won’t feel like you need to go back and eat any more. If you hit that one time out of 10 and really feel you should eat more, then sure! Go back and have another spoonful or two. But that’s all. Exercise a little self control here and you’ll find that as long as you’ve waited the full 20 minutes, then you’ll be satisfied with just a spoonful or two and you’ll feel full and content!

It doesn’t matter if this trick doesn’t work every time, because its not designed to. It’s designed to work MOST OF THE TIME and that’s enough to reduce your calorie intake enough to cause you to lose weight. Try it and see for yourself!

Weight Loss Tips

Lazy Weight Loss Tips #3

Now, if the first two were pretty useful to you, here is the third of my great lazy weight loss tips to complete the set:

Think Yourself Thin!

Yes, you can actually do that when you set your mind into the right way of thinking and then you really can think yourself thin!

The article that link above links to is a particularly good one and I don’t think its worth repeating the same stuff here, as I wrote it anyway! Its in another very special and very informative weight loss tips blog and you can read all about how to think yourself thin in that article!

But that would leave us without much to read here, so I’m going to give you some pointers on how to think yourself thin and lose weight by using the power of your mind to boost your motivation to succeed.

For starter, you should use visualization techniques which is really just a complicated way of saying to use your imagination to see yourself as the thin person that you want to be. Do this often and really get into it, so that you not only imagine what you’d look like as a thin person, but play a game with it and imagine dressing yourself in thin clothes. Imagine how you would put on each item of clothing and imagine you can feel the material touching your skin as you put on the garment.

Then imagine walking around in these thin clothes and imagine how light you feel as you walk around in them, taking light steps and feeling light and energetic. Imagine running around like a happy child and imagine you have so much energy to do that.

All this is just so great to do because its all in your imagination, so it can’t do you any harm whatsoever. The great thing is that the more you run through this simple visualization exercise, the better at it you’ll be until you get to the stage where you really can feel every item of clothing brisging against your skin as you put it on. And you really feel yourself running around with all that childhood energy!

And that’s about how its done. You’ll be amazed at how your weight starts to go down just by doing this every day for several minutes!

Weight Loss Tips

Lazy Weight Loss Tips #2

I wanted to bring you a set of short articles that provide some useful and actionable tips, ideas and techniques to help you shed some of those excess pounds from around your waist or thighs using really simple things that anyone can do if they put their mind to it and really mean to make things happen in their lives. Here is the second of my incredibly good weight loss tips:

Turn off the TV!

Yep, if you have the television turned on then it is a magnet for your attention and saps all the motivation out of you. Don’t believe me? Try it!

Walk into a room with a television on and maybe a good program that you like to watch… OK that’s cheating a little but its the truth of the matter. How hard is it to stop your self sitting down in a chair and watching it “just for 5 minutes to see if its any good…” too late!

Without that major distraction in any room in your house you stand a much better chance of

  • Not sitting down
  • Not eating (watching a TV ad for snacks is fatal)
  • Starting any exercise routine you like
  • Feeling motivated to lose weight

…then you have a much better chance of achieving your goal. TV saps your mind and spirit because it sucks you in to its clever programming and makes you want to watch it! Yes it does!

Why do you think that is? Advertisements!

Advertisements are what pay for those television programs and the advertising people do it because they know it will attract potentially millions of people to watch the show, into which are interlaced their ads in commercial breaks and also within the programs themselves (even though they like to deny that).

It makes the manufacturers of the products that are advertised in that way millions of dollars, which is why television is there. No other reason, no matter what anyone tells you. It’s not for entertainment, it’s so advertisers can sell you stuff!

Once you get your head around that concept, you’ll start to see the TV for what it is. A vehicle for pumping ads into your brain while you are the most susceptible. Which is during a show that you enjoy or something that is entertaining enough to keep you hooked to staring at the TV set. I bet most of the time, you don’t even realize when the show stops and the advertisements start!

So do yourself a favor in future if you are really serious about losing weight.

Turn of the darn TV!

Lazy Weight Loss Tips #1

Here is the first of my simple and actually enjoyable tips that any chocoholic like me can do and lose some weight.

Ok, exercise is a dirty word in my house, so I don’t do any here – I go outside in the fresh air. Remember that? Its that clean stuff you breath from time to time that doesn’t smell of the burning electrical insides of a TV!

I have a secret weapon here that maybe you don’t have but you can get one too if you want, or try my alternative if you can’t. Want to know what my secret weapon is? I’ll tell you:

My dogs.

I have two little Yorkshire terriers (I bet you thought I was gonna say great big Dobermans!). These little guys still need to go for walkies even though they are so small and its surprising how much stamina they have for such small bundles of fur!

The trick to achieving weight loss by walking your dogs is not to have ten or even twenty minute walks around a few blocks. I found out some priceless information when I was last talking to my doctor (who is also a nutritionist) last month.

Well, when you are exercising (lifting the TV remote and channel hopping doesn’t count) most people believe our bodies burn off excess calories and lose weight. The harder they exercise, they believe the more weight they will lose.

Guess what?

Not necessarily! Our bodies actually work on time rather than level of strenuous-ness. Here is one of the most priceless weight loss tips you’ll ever get put in simple layman’s terms that I can understand too!

In the first 20 minutes of exercise that gets the heart rate moving enough so that we break out into a sweat, the body produces adrenelin and insulin to break down the excess sugar in our blood. That makes the body need more sugars in the blood to replace what is taken. but during that time the body does not break down any of the fat stored in the fat cells to replace it, so there is zero weight loss gained in the first 20 minutes of exercise.

In the next ten minutes of however, the body then starts to take some of the fat to break it down into the sugars the blood needs to feed the muscles, so in a 30 minute period of exercise, only the last 10 minutes is productive in creating any weight loss.

So when I’m walking my dogs up and down the hilly streets in my area, which is much better exercise than walking along the flat, and I’m out for an hour doing that, then I get 40 minutes worth of weight losing exercise and all I did was enjoy walking the dogs!

Better still is when I see these lunatic joggers go speeding past me then collapse in a heap after 20 minutes hard running, guess who burned off more fat?

Yep, me!

Well, ok, I don’t actually lose much weight doing that because I balance it out with a nice piece of chocolate cake when I get home, but at least it means I don’t put on any more weight. Very important, that!

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